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Punit Kumar Trivedi is Company Secretary by profession and having around two decades experience in Corporates and associated with big names and worked with many industries like Automobile, Hotels, Entertainment, Pharmaceuticals, Constructions. He is a motivational and key note Speaker. He has advance diploma in management accounting from Chartered Institute of Management Accountant (CIMA), London. He has also done M. Com, LL.B., CS, CMA, CA-IPCC, Valuer and Insolvency Professional. He is a person who is known for his punctuality and Discipline. He is also known for his perseverance.


Time Management

My Book

The Secrets to Time Management

We all struggle with time management and think if we had more time to read, exercise, sleep, earn money and to spend with our family. In fact, sometimes it happens with us that we feel stuck and unable to take action due to just one simple reason that we don’t have enough time. In this Book, the author has explained why tackling the right task at right time is of most important. By utilising our time in most optimal way is the utmost important area of our life and we can accomplish our goals so quick than we ever thought possible.

Based on the author’s huge experience and research many concepts related to time management like procrastination, techniques of time management, how to remove distraction, how to enhance productivity has been analysed from totally different angles. This book explains very simple steps which we use to ascertain when we will be most efficient and productive for any particular project and when we should move on to the next task on our to do list and an overall approach towards optimal productivity that will change the lives of all of us.

The author has also provides overall more than hundreds best time management quotes as bonus for our reader which also help them to see time management from a new perspective.

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